Dubai Casinos

Dubai Casinos

The first thing that you need to know about Dubai is that this is one of the three main areas where UAE gambling is legal, however gambling as far as Dubai casinos is considered is not allowed, only sports betting is legal. However, the race tracks of Dubai have a pleasant surprise waiting for you. The residents of Dubai consider horse racing and camel racing as more of a traditional event than as a form of sport. However the odd adventure junkie or two would have come across natives offering illegal bets on camel races and this is one thing that you do not want to be associated with, since Dubai has strict laws which they take pride in enforcing. People who are found to be involved in illegal gambling can face up to 2 years in prison and may or may not be accompanied by a fine of Dh 20,000. Now this is exactly the kind of trouble that one should avoid.

One other thing that you do not want to do while watching the camel’s kick up dirt is doing anything that would catch the attention of the people who offer illegal bets. They have a way of spotting people who are desperate for a bet and make sure that they do not sense that you are the one looking for some cheap thrills.

As for casino games you can simply kiss the idea good bye as you are not going to find any casinos that are legal. But if you are into sports betting you may still have a thing or two to look forward to in gambling in Dubai with horse races. There are two gambling facilities in Dubai and yes I know that you are not left with much choice, but hey it is still better than nothing. Whilst they are not casinos, I can guarantee that you will not complain much when I tell you that these race tracks also house casino games. So when in Dubai don’t waste your time searching for a Dubai casino, instead head straight to the race tracks and you find all that you are looking for. Dubai is home to state regulated gaming facilities and Nad Al Sheba Racecourse - Dubai Racing Club is considered the largest gambling facility here. The only other gambling facility of Dubai is the Jebel Ali Race Course. But once you become a part of the horse racing scene there is no way that you are not going to be swept away by the thundering sound of the hooves and the maddening crowd rooting for their favourite to be the first to cross the finishing line. This is one place where you will see the otherwise calm and collective residents unwind and have some fun. The gambling facilities at these race tracks are impeccable and one really has to be present there to enjoy the fine beauty that both the infrastructure and the race track provide. Even if you have been a part of the horse racing scene in other countries, being a part of this action in Dubai is a unique and new experience. For a gambler who gets his kicks as soon as the horses go kicking, Dubai has a lot to offer and you will find these race tracks to be of excellent conditions and I won’t be surprised if you think that the race tracks back home can learn a thing or two from the race tracks of Dubai.

If you under the impression that Dubai would allow casino boats like New York, then you are so wrong, as even the international ships that enter the waters of Dubai are to refrain from gambling as long as they are docked within the territory. These luxury cruisers may be filled with state of the art casinos that are complete with slot machines, roulette tables, poker and blackjack tables, but if they have to stay in Dubai and stay on the right side of the law, they simply have to cease their gambling action till they exit the territories of Dubai. The same law applies for all carriers including airplanes and other means of travel. No form of gambling can be practiced within the boundaries of UAE. While the punishment for the people who are involved in gambling is harsh the law comes down harder on the places that offer such illegal activities. The places that are closed down for illegal gambling activities can never be reopened even for legal activities without the approval of the Dubai Public Prosecution.

Online casino gambling is also frowned upon in Dubai but you can still visit any of the casino advertised on this website and partake in playing your favourite casino games like slots, blackjack, roulette and poker. Dubai is fast developing into a very modern city that has caught the attention of people from all over the world; however, the question still remains whether it will take the giant leap of legalising many other forms of gambling and casinos.

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