For many people gambling is associated with cheating and losing money. They like to tell each other stories about those who were cheated by the casinos or who lost a fortune playing slot machines. In fact some people who are successful players, earn their living by playing card games, and it is especially true with poker and online poker. You can easily play free online poker – all you have to do is to download the software and start playing.

When you think you are good enough and you outsmart and outplay all your opponents who play for free, you can play online poker for money. Don’t forget that the players here are much tougher and smarter – they put their money at stake unlike those who play for free, so they will fight for every dollar and every place in the tournament ranking. Also you have to pay poker online casino fee. Usually the fee doesn’t exceed 20% of your buy-in to the game for low limits that is for games which cost up to 5 dollars to enter and 10% for more expensive games.

One principal difference of online poker in comparison with other card games, slot machines or online roulette is that you don’t play against the casino – you play against other players just like you. In fact, the casino is not even interested to cheat, because it receives profit anyway by collecting rake – this 10 to 20% commission for every game it arranges. Thus your winning and losses depend only on your skills and abilities. Many famous players play poker online for money to earn their living. They do nothing else except counting chances, predicting their opponents’ hands and bluffing. Once they were all beginners who started to play free poker online or offline, but gradually poker became their main source of income and made them professional players.


Come join us and let’s spin the little wheel and play the colorful number game – online roulette! Roulette is a casino game which is played by spinning a wheel. It is a number game where players need to bet on a single number or a range of numbers, the colors red or black and either odd or an even number. This game is played by spinning the wheel on one direction and spinning the ball in the other direction. The number on which the ball stays when the wheel stops comes out as the winning number. Online roulette is played either on 37 or 38 red & black colored numbered pockets on the wheel.

This game can be played by visiting a casino or can be played online too. Before spinning the wheel, the bets need to be placed on the table. When a winning number is determined the dealer places a marker which is also known as ‘dolly’ on the roulette table. After the number is determined the dealer then removes all the losing bets from the table except the winning bet and determines the payout accordingly.

Online roulette games can easily be played on different websites for free and its very helpful for them who are entering the world of roulette. People tend to bet on different numbers and gamble their luck. Even, those who doesn’t believe on having a favorite number tries their luck in this game and when they wins that number becomes their favorite. Online roulette is played on either roulette wheel or American roulette wheel. The French/European roulette consists of 37 numbers and the American roulette consists of 38 numbers where the additional number is marked in green.

While playing online roulette, the bets are placed inside the betting area or outside the betting area. These are the two ways the bets are placed by the players. Straight Up, Street Bet, Split Bet, Corner Bet, Six Line Bet are the different types of bets used in the Inside Betting area. Outside betting area consists of bets placed on 1-18 numbers, 19-36 numbers, red or black colors, even or odd numbers, dozen numbers and column numbers. So when playing with these numbers one needs to place the bet very tactfully and also decide on how much money to gamble.

Thus, it can be said that if you have a lucky number or numbers try your luck and gamble with this tricky but very interesting online roulette game. So, come play with numbers who knows you may end up getting a lucky number from that day!

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