When staying in another country, for business of pleasure, you will always want to know which the best hotels are. Spending time in Dubai is absolutely no exception to this universal truth, and there is quite an impressive list of hotels in Dubai from which you can choose.

The first thing you will want to decide is whether you plan to stay for a short period of time, or whether you are feeling more adventurous and would like a long-term lodging. Booking for longer will often earn you a reasonable discount as hotels can save money by sticking with one guest for the duration. Finding and booking at a great hotel with an ever better deal is what makes life so enjoyable, so when you’re looking for hotels in Dubai this is most certainly a wise move to consider.

At the time of writing there are close to 400 hotels in Dubai, so how do you effectively distinguish between them? Anyone who values their own happiness will want to stay somewhere with beautiful scenery, breath-taking views, and all whilst offering good value for money; nobody likes to pay more than they have to!

So what amazing hotels are on offer for humans like us to experience?

The first and one of the most well known is of course the Atlantis resort, which boasts some of the most amazingly beautiful architecture known to man. The fantastic Atlantis Dubai is on the forefront of innovation, and is more than just a hotel; situated on the famous man-made palm island, Atlantis offers scenic views of the ocean from all sides of the building. Such an experience is not one which should be missed.

Another hotel which should be on everybody’s radar is of course the Fairmont, which site proudly within the financial district of Dubai. Originally designed with cutting-edge business in mind, this incredibly beautiful complex is a mere walk away the biggest attractions in Dubai, including golf clubs, shopping malls, and endless beaches covered in sand. For business users, the facility is directly connected to the well-known International Convention Centre by a covered walkway, for the once or twice in a year that the weather isn’t so nice.

If luxury is more your thing, then the Hyatt Regency hotel will be very much up your street with its swimming pools, spas, golf clubs and so much more. Not only this, but a delicious offering of genuine Japanese sushi is also there for the taking; fans of this mouth-wateringly good dish will be ecstatic to learn that the hotel employs a real Japanese sushi chef to make this beautiful offering even more attractive.